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Last Modified: 2005.04.19

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List of products created with Prograph
Applications, Shareware, Freeware:

$401K Planner for Macintosh by Timothy J. Turner

$401K Planner will help you in your $401K decision making process by calculating the future value of your current $401K account balance, as well as the future value of your future $401K contributions. It is extremely flexible since it allows the user to control the rate of inflation, rate of return (interest rate), number of years until retirement, amount of contributions, etc. Rated 4 Stars by Ziff-Davis Interactive.

Abbreviationes by Dr. Olaf Pluta

Abbreviationes is an electronic dictionary of medieval Latin abbreviations. It aims to help scholars in transcribing medieval Latin manuscripts. It won the German-Austrian Academic Software Award in 1993.

Adventures in Fugawiland from Mayfield Publishing

Adventures in Fugawiland is a combined workbook and regional excavation and analysis simulator for teaching introductory archaeology. Available spring 1997. Contact : George Michaels

BuildSim from Tritera

BuildSim is a simulation tool designed for engineers, scientists, and applied mathematicians. Version 2.0 has just been released. The application provides a complete integrated simulation development environment which includes more than 50 BuildBlocks, plotting tools, analysis tools, code generation in C++ and Java, custom code support and an integrated database. This application was originally written for the Macintosh, but has been ported to WinNT/2000 using CPX for Windows.

CataList from SeriSystems

CataList provides quick and easy way for screen printers and embroiders to look up the cost of garments to be finished. Quotes can be generated for a single garment on-screen or price lists can be generated from "shopping carts" of garments. Also included is a database of popular garments with complete pricing information.


ClickMail from One Click Systems

ClickMail for QuickMail connects your local email network to Internet email, over a low-cost dial-up TCP/IP connection. A single modem and Internet account gives all of your QuickMail users Internet email access.

ClickMail Central Directory from One Click Systems

The first Mac LDAP server! This master address book lets your Eudora Pro, Outlook, Communicator, and other email users find new and current addresses without wasting their time-or yours. Store ten to thousands of email addresses in one place-use with any email server. Can integrate with AppleShare IP Users & Groups.

Concentration ][ by David Bishop

This game is used to help improve your memory in a fun way. It was written to replace an older version by the game Concentration that worked only under system 6. Freeware. This application can be found on AOL, keyword MGS (Mac Games Forum).

Convert AVHRR by David Bishop

This program converts an avhrr .r file into raw graphic files. Freeware.

CPRDictate by Catalyst Information Systems

Digital Dictation and Transcription system for healthcare, legal, real estate, insurance, law enforcement, or business. CPR Dictation and Transcription product lines comprise a software solution. Dictations are created direct to PC,with mobile digital recorder, or viatelephone and transmitted for transcription then text documents are returned to the author for incorporation into a database. This is a WinNT/2000/98 application developed with CPX for Windows


DEVICE from The Georgia Institiute of Technology
Written By: Noel Rappin, Mark Guzdial, Matthew Realff, Pete Ludovice

DEVICE stands for Dynamic Environment for Visualization in Chemical Engineering. It is an educational technology project at the Georgia Institiute of Technology. It is intended to give Chemical Engineering undergraduates experience creating equation based models that define the behavior of common pieces of equipment. The students can then simulate behavior based on these models.

EDO CPX Trigger from EDO

EDO CPX Trigger is an application that sends Apple Events to a remote Macintosh running the Frontier application.


The Electronic Bookshelf from Veraform Inc.

The Electronic Bookshelf is a suite of applications which test reading comprehension. Teachers select titles which the students can read and take quizzes on. Teachers can view and edit results in a variety of dialogs and reports. The program is being used in schools throughout the US and in several other countries. Currently there are over 10,000 Mac installations.

Electronic Portfolio from Learning Quest

A multimedia database for student work integrated with performance-based assessment. This application has been adopted by Disney's Celebration School as the assessment tool throughout their curriculum.


EP Barcode from Learning Quest

A simple barcode interface for the Electronic Portfolio application.

EP WebMaker from Learning Quest

A translation tool that translates one or more Electronic Portfolio's student portfolios with assessments into complete web sites.

GroundZero from Interactive Data Systems

GroundZero is a file launcher for the Macintosh. You can create groups of files and folders, add files and folders by dragging them from the Finder, add system folders, and launch any file by using only the keyboard, which is convenient when you're typing and don't have your hand on the mouse.

Home Accounting by David Bishop

This program automates the management and budgeting of your personal cash registers (checking, saving, etc.). This application is shareware and can be found on AOL, keyword MBS (Mac Business Forum).

Home Video Library by David Bishop

This program helps you manage your video tape library. Freeware. There are no fees associated with this application. This application can be found on AOL, keyword MBS (Mac Business Forum).

HTML Editor by Rick Giles

HTML Editor has similar HTML-editing functionality to BBEdit but adds semi-WYSIWYG formatting and distinctive, easy-to-read rendering of HTML tags. Rated Four Stars and recieved an Editors Choice award from MacWorld in October 96.

HyperSign from Trinty Software

HyperSign is an interactive program designed to help people learn American Sign
Language (ASL) by providing:

  • individualized self-paced instruction
  • an extensive dictionary of signs in full motion video
  • practice in reading and using signs
  • rules governing the use of signs
  • a greater understanding of the culture of Deaf persons

Interactive Earth from WorldLink Media

Interactive Earth is a CD-ROM-based application which provides the highest quality satellite-rendered world maps and Earth-from-space images found in any product. It also allows the user to zoom-in from a spherical globe to continents, bioregions, and cities. It also includes the poetic experience of three "guided tours" of Earth from space narrated by senior NASA astronaut Dr. Story Musgrave. The Prograph programming on this project was done by John Heaney. It is currently being ported to Windows by the combined team effort of Tritera and Learning Quest.

KurzFile by Leigh Daniels

KurzFile 1.0 is a freeware Mac program that can join segmented Kurzweil K2000 synthesizer sound sample files. KurzFile will also split large files into segments that will fit onto floppy disks.

LabQuest from Learning Quest

LabQuest is an easy to use spreadsheet, graphing and probeware program for elementary and secondary students.

Language Toolkit Writer/Reader by Jacek Iwanski

Language Toolkit Writer and Reader is a pair of programs for preparation and reading of foreign language interactive multimedia lessons. With the Language Writer you can prepare the interactive lessons in minutes. To set up a lesson you just use the set of predefined multimedia items specially designed for the foreign language study. These lessons can then be viewed with the Reader program by the final user. There are also 4 predefined exercise layouts for designing foreign language exercises easily.

LaunchOrder from Interactive Data Systems

LauchOrder allows you to set a list of files to open sequentially and set a delay for each file. This is useful when you have a group of documents you must launch together or when launching applications that are dependent on other applications initializing first. Files can be added by dragging them from the Finder.

Let's Keep It Simple Spreadsheet from Casady & Greene

See Spreadsheet 2000.

OmniPattern Weaver by Rudi Angela

OmniPattern Weaver (OPW) aids in the design of fabric weaving patterns (called block patterns) by instantly drawing the weaving result of a design. Any change made to a design is instantly visualized.

Palimpsest from Western Civilisation

Palimpsest is a Macintosh application for developing and working with sophisticated document oriented knowledgebases. Palimpsest incorporates state of the art hypertext, search and reporting features to allow students, teachers and scholars to model, manage, and work with the textual and pictorial artefacts important to their study, research and teaching. This app was featured in the November 1996 issue of Rolling Stone Australia.

Secret Decoder Ring from Emergent Behavior

Secret Decoder Ring is an easy to use, light-weight, private-key, email encryption program for Macintosh. Secret Decoder Ring works with all email clients on the Mac. If you want to keep your: parents, kids, siblings, friends, spouse, co-workers or boss out of your private communications then Secret Decoder Ring is for you. Secret Decoder Ring lets you encrypt any text message using one of over 2.1 billion ciphers, based on a password which you provide.

ShapeShifter by Kevin Hendrickson

ShapeShifter is a Shapes file editor for Marathon (a popular Macintosh game). In addition to the typical capabilities of other editors, such as copying and pasting individual images, Shape Shifter allows you to graphically edit the images.

SiteSearch from Miracle Software

SiteSearch is a web site search engine for Macintosh web servers.

SiteWeaver from Miracle Software

SiteWeaver is a web site management tool which allows you to display, check and edit ALL of your links, pages and entire web site with ease. With SiteWeaver you can create and edit an entire web site from either your server or offline in the comfort of your home or office.

SoundMorph by Lance Massey

SoundMorph allows you to create transitions between any two sounds through microscopic interpolation of their harmonic content.

StarView from Mercadier Pty Ltd

StarView is a remote vehicle or ship tracking system designed for transportation, shipping, mining companies and more. GPS positions from vehicles and ships are relayed back to a central monitoring site via the global Inmarsat-C or Inmarsat-D+ networks, GSM digital phone, wireless data networks or two way radio where they are stored in a database and plotted on electronic maps. Almost any electronic or paper map can be used with StarView, as well as a variety of in-vehicle and onboard terminals for full two way messaging and emergency reporting. StarView is an extensible system which can be seamlessy merged with an existing job dispatch or customer database system.

TeeTotaler Lite from SeriSystems

A fast and simple job estimating system for screen printers. Jobs can be quoted in a consistent manner that ensures profitability, even for users new to printing.

TeeTotaler Pro from SeriSystems

A complete estimating, pricing and work order system for screen printers. Jobs can be quoted in a consistent manner that ensures profitability, even for users new to printing. It also contains a database of popular garments with complete pricing information.

TreasureMapper from Doug Attfield of RST Systems Technology Ltd

TreasureMapper converts 2d (ISFF) MicroStation design files to Illustrator format using powerful element selection and resymbolization abilities. The vector graphic files created are fully editable. Users can publish maps and drawings converted using TreasureMapper using Illustrator® and other packages that can read Illustrator 1.1 files.

Verbs and Nouns by Jacek Iwanski

The inflection of words is one of the most difficult parts of learning many foreign languages since there are numerous inflection patterns. "Verbs&Nouns" helps you to learn these patterns and refresh your knowledge about the rules for the inflection of verbs and nouns in a foreign language. The program lets you create a database of verbs or nouns in a foreign language. You can easily construct the inflection patterns (rules) for words that are regular. You can include other information about each word, such as a translation, grammar characteristics, comments, etc. in a convenient form. The program automatically generates exercises to allow you to practise inflection or translation. You can identify many custom groups of words to use them in exercises or for browsing. The program has asynchronous sound support to associate the sound samples with words.

Word Bingo from HI-TECH of Santa Cruz

Word Bingo is a Macintosh bingo card generator. If you've ever tried a word bingo, try it this way. Every bingo card and master calling list printed is randomized! Text or clip art can be used as bingo or FREE space items. You can specify certain important items to appear somewhere on each card.

Word Cross from HI-TECH of Santa Cruz

Word Cross is a Macintosh crossword puzzle generator. The consummate program for teachers who need to create purposeful crossword puzzles. Emphasize the teaching of words and their definitions with full contextual meanings. A rich set of options built in to reach every grade, subject, and ability. More easy-to-use teacher features than ANY other crossword puzzle generator.

Word Juggle from HI-TECH of Santa Cruz

Word Juggle is a Macintosh word permutation generator for Macintosh. You simply enter any word and click the Permute button. In an instant you'll see a list of other known words using the same letters. For example: School yields: Cool, Ho, Oh, So, Coo, Lock, Solo.... Includes a great puzzle maker using your own clip art. If you've done Word Jumble type puzzles in your local newspaper then you will love using this.

World Wide Web Weaver from Miracle Software

World Wide Web Weaver is a simple to use HTML editor for the Macintosh. It received 4 Mice from MacUser Magazine in August 1996.

Corporate Users - In-House Applications:

The following corporations have also used Prograph to create in-house applicatons:

Akamai Technologies, Inc.
Bergen Brunswick
Composite Optics
Dow Chemical Company
Emerson Motor
General Atomics
Home Box Office, Inc.
Mercadier Proprietary Ltd.
Montgomery Securities
MTV Europe
Numatics Incorporated
Parke Davis
Perkin-Elmer, Applied Biosystems Division
Science Applications International Corporation
Tritera Incorporated


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